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Un Pie Chart? C’est mal!

    Lors de ma présentation au Power Saturday à Paris, je voulais montrer à un public déjà très optimiste que Power BI était un excellent outil et...

Power Saturday – Paris

Join us in ParisYou can register on   L'agenda du #PowerSaturday est (presque) finalisé. #Data #PowerBI #O365 #SharePoint #PowerPlatform Vous pouvez vous inscrire à l'événement : @GUSS_FRANCE...

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SSIS – Log Execution time

SSIS – Log Execution time

This query helps you to have a better view of your SSIS Packages executions. When you run a "master job / package", you don't clearly see the execution time for your child packages in SSISDB Reports. With this query, now it's possible :)...

PowerBI – Bookmarks

PowerBI – Bookmarks

Bookmarks are not perfect, I can easily confirm you. But with them, you can build beautiful and rich reports. In this example, I will show you how your users can switch from one visual to another one.

SSIS – Export SSIS Catalog Environments

SSIS – Export SSIS Catalog Environments

You need to: Export your SSIS Environments (Variables) Replicate it on your new server Assign these variables to your new project SSIS Catalog is not complex, but we don't really want to spend our time to copy manually our configuration from one server to another one....

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