Update Power BI Desktop : More information with less visuals ? Let’s use the Tooltip !

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*This post is an update to the video about the Tooltip*

It can be sometimes very difficult to put all the information we need in only one report page. Maybe I could remove this visual to add this one instead? But then, I won’t have the figures for this year. Maybe this one then? Impossible, otherwise I’ll miss the ranking of my product. It can easily become a real headache.

What if there was a wonderful feature inside Power BI Desktop allowing us to add more visuals to our report within the same space… Stop dreaming, I have a good news for you, it exist! Well, kind of. The tooltip will give you the opportunity to add a visual when you hover a cell of another visual. Still a bit confused? Let’s see how to do it and the final result.

As always, let’s first take the LazyDAX file (such a masterpiece I know). We can create a new page and add a new visual in it. Here is our “test” page with a simple Cost by Customer and by Year table.

Nothing complicated until there. By default, when you hover a cell of this report, you will only have a small definition of the cell, or maybe a quick resume of the whole line. Ok, why not but it’s not that interesting.

What we would like to have instead is something more relevant, more useful to the business and the end user, something more visual. Perfect, the tooltip is made for this. Let’s create a new blank page. It will be our tooltip page.

Now we can go on the format pane of the page. Under the “Page Information” tab, we will set “Tooltip” on “On”. That way, the page will be considered by Power BI as a tooltip

Now you can also go on the “Page Size” tab and choose the “Tooltip” type. You don’t have to do it but it’s better to keep something visually harmonious.

Now you can create the report that will be displayed as a tooltip to your report.  Let’s take something like the Cost by Product.

Here is the report with the tooltip format. Ok it gives more information but it’s not really readable. Don’t worry, just wait and see how the magic happens.

But first we have to go back to our report page and select the visual that will have the Cost by Product report as tooltip. Select the visual.

Go on the “Format” tab and enable “Tooltip”. Once it’s done, under “Type” you select “Report page” (the way you will see the tooltip) and then select “Tooltip Page” (the source page with your tooltip).

Now we can see the magic. When I hover one cell of my table, I will have the report of the “Tooltip Page” displayed and sorted by the current line.

This is a really simple way to add more information without overloading your page.

Once again, it was not something very difficult, you just had to be aware of it.


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