Yes! I changed my LazyDAX file! my motivation: Less is more!

But what is LazyDAX?

A simple data model in Power BI and a list of DAX measures.

Simple and clear data model
small data presentation
Quick explanation and examples

LazyDAX doesn’t include long and detailed explanation or comments. For each measures and function you have a link to, or other external website.

I would like to teach you DAX from A to Z, but it’s not the best way to do it. (At least because I’m not one of the 2 italians! I would love to have their accent!! But I’m not!!). At least for me, I learned by doing mistake and try again and again.

IMO, to learn DAX, we need to practice! And that’s what I provide you, a place where you can add / modify your DAX measures.

You can still follow links and read the Microsoft documentation! That’s the reason why I changed my presentations to keep the same Canvas as Microsoft functions lists.

Microsoft Documentation
LazyDAX function list


Now, I use DAX everyday, but my journey was long and complex! How is it possible? Before my lovely job in BI, I was a “pure” developer. (C#, Java, PHP, SQL, VB, VBA, Perl, Pascal, C, Cobol, Fortran, Ruby, … I worked and learned a ton of different languages)

BUT DAX took me a lot of time to understand! I still learn new functions or logics. I hated and loved it a lot!

Now it’s the big love and I’m trying by many methods to explain it to different people. (It’s another level of complexity)

With this updated version of LazyDAX, I wanted to provide a simple and more clear file!

This is the Power BI file where you are the hero!! DAX is your unique weapon!!

I plan to add more functions and explanation in the coming months!

You can download it now:

LazyDAX – LazySnail


  1. Jaime Pérez

    Gracias por el aporte, muy interesante y de mucha utilidad.

  2. Hesham

    Great effort! Thank you for sharing with the community.


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