LazyDAX V2: Learn DAX from examples

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Learn from examples.

LazyDAX helps you to understand DAX with concretes and simple examples. You can change the existing measures or create yours.
LazyDAX is also an easy dataset for your tests and presentations.

Why LazyDAX?


In my DAX journey, I met two kinds of peoples.

Business Analyst (sometimes also Excel Users) who had very good abilities to learn DAX.

And people like me, with a slow learning curve with DAX. (Unfortunately, I’m not so bad with SQL, C#, and a ton of different languages. Yes I’m a developer :))

During our DAX learning, Mathieu Ricour and I built the first version of Lazy DAX. It was a place for us to keep and save our code around a simple and concrete example.

After many months, I’m still using this file on a quasi daily basis. And I’m convinced, it can also help you.

In this second version, I’m sharing with you a list of useful measures and a reusable dataset.

Download it on GitHub


More measures and descriptions are coming soon.



Quick overview:



  1. Argenis

    Definitely I have to try it, because DAX is another level.

  2. Baruch Luna

    I would like to know more about it. Maybe a video of how to install and start to practice it. Good job and ty for sharing 🙂

  3. Guy Johnson

    I’m missing something here – how do I unmute this video???

    • Anonymous

      Same issue here

  4. Noel

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Mario

    Very well done!!

  6. prasoon chauhan

    I am aslo having hardtimes, and mixing up all functions. But nonmatter what i want to be master of it.



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