LazyDAX: a Power BI File for your presentation, discoveries, or learn DAX

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If you want to:

  • Present interesting Power BI discoveries to your colleagues
  • Test your DAX Measures, reporting on a very clean Star schema
  • Discover multiple DAX Functions
  • Show different Power BI features by examples

Then this Lazy DAX file is for you! It’s a Power BI Desktop file that you can freely download on my GitHub repository. Indeed you can change it, publish it and do whatever you want with it.
This Power BI contains data and is designed in a Star schema model. You don’t need to connect on a server and can change the data, because I used the “Enter Data” method.
DAX: I organized multiple Measure in the same way Microsoft present all the DAX functions in their folders. It was an efficient way for me to test it all.
Visuals: On different pages, I used all the existing visuals, and tried to provide you some ideas to build a more fancy report.

I spent a lot of my free time on it, and in this new version I changed the look n’feel and try a dark mode report. (Yes, it’s also a playground for me to test Power BI)
I created it more than 3 years ago now, but I still use it every week. (If not every day)
I can use it for my presentation, and help people with DAX. I hope it can help you too, and would really enjoy hearing your thoughts, ideas and requests.

To download it, follow the blue button or click on this link:

You can also view all different pages in this PDF file


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