Learn DAX from examples: Lazy DAX

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Concrete cases in DAX

Working with Power BI (or SSAS Tabular) does not require much effort. It’s quite intuitive and easy to set up.
However, to fully enjoy it, it is recommended to take the time to learn DAX.

Create a measure, in the formula bar, is done through an expression written in this language.
Very powerful, the DAX contains some functions that will give all the interest to your beautiful data model.

It would be a shame to see him as a cherry on the cake! It would be rather a cherry cake over the cake!

Simple syntax, very powerful function in a few lines, but it can be complicated.

You will find here support with some concrete cases, from the simplest to the most complicated.


  • A Power BI Desktop file
  • A PowerPoint file with multiple explanations. You can use it to provide training or initiation to the DAX.

If you have new exciting measures, do not hesitate to send them (via LinkedIn), I will be happy to add them in the Power BI file.


My colleague Mathieu Ricour and myself are happy to share you another way to learn DAX.

In Lazy DAX, you will found:

A Power BI Desktop file

  • It contains multiple examples based on a simple and understandable set of data
  • With multiple clear examples, you can change the expressions / scripts and directly see the result. (It will help you to understand and develop in DAX)
  • For now it covers:
    • The basics functions (COUNT, DISTINCTCOUNT, SUM, …)
    • CALCULATE function
    • Time Intelligence
    • Semi Additive measures
    • Calculated Columns
    • Rank
    • Variables
    • A concreate example: Churn Rate

A PowerPoint file

  • In this power point we provide you some explanations to learn step by step.
  • You can use it to understand the basics (maybe give you a first view of what you can do with DAX and Power BI)
  • If you have to prepare your own DAX training, it could be a starter.


Our files are available for download on GitHub


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  1. Juan Aguirre

    Hello, I think a good idea for you guys would be to offer workshops of dax practice using your setup.
    Congrats and thanks for your community contributions!


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