Learn DAX from examples: Lazy DAX

Learn DAX from examples: Lazy DAX

My colleague Mathieu Ricour and myself are happy to share you another way to learn DAX.

In Lazy DAX, you will found:

A Power BI Desktop file: https://github.com/arnaudgastelblum/LazySnail/blob/master/LazyDAX.pbix

  • It contains multiple examples based on a simple and understandable set of data
  • With multiple clear examples, you can change the expressions / scripts and directly see the result. (It will help you to understand and develop in DAX)
  • For now it covers:
    • The basics functions (COUNT, DISTINCTCOUNT, SUM, …)
    • CALCULATE function
    • Time Intelligence
    • Semi Additive measures
    • Calculated Columns
    • Rank
    • Variables
    • A concreate example: Churn Rate

A Power Point file: https://github.com/arnaudgastelblum/LazySnail/blob/master/LazyDAX.pptx

  • In this power point we provide you some explanations to learn step by step.
  • You can use it to understand the basics (maybe give you a first view of what you can do with DAX and Power BI)
  • If you have to prepare your own DAX training, it could be a starter.

If you have some ideas, amazing scripts, slides, changes or remarks we kindly request you to send us our .pbi or .ppt modified.

We will be happy to add new features, and learn some new stuffs.

I would like to thank Isabelle Van Campenhoudt and Tristan Malherbe for their help and motivation. (Now and for the coming days!!)

Our files are available for download on GitHub